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  • Pisitakun Kueantalaeng/ピシタクン・クアンタレーング



    When we start to question about the truth, we shall start digging for what’s hidden, deep down in layers. It’s not easy to truly see what’s behind each truth, which connects to the systematic power harmoniously. Therefore, it could be said that truth exists under some kind of power, which influences over or even establishes that truth. This, of course, includes truth about history as well.
    Each history has been written repeatedly, in order to conquer the truth, righteousness, and even morality. These matters, on the other hand, procure absolute power, having things in control.

    I’m, therefore, interested to establish new source of power, by bringing history back to variety groups of people, through building new history within this book, for people to create their own history. At the end of the whole project, I truly hope to compile these history books from around the World and establish a history library.

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